Will India enter the ICC world cup 2019 Finals

yaa ,being an indian its my utter desire that india should be in finals and they have all the good qualities that a team need.Experts and cricket critics are accepting that I ndia and England are the favourites to the world cup.Being a super fan of Virat ,i want a cup under his belt and i hope he will live up to the expectations.

We have good quality bowlers who can bowl at a pace more than 140+ as well as the leg spinner duo kuldeep and chahal who are the key to indias success at the middle overs.They have beeen doing it for a while and its time to repeat those performances.

One cannot forget to talk about boom boom bumrah,the ex factor of indian team .His unorthodox style of bowling with perfection makes him one of dangerous bowler’s of the world at present.

if i talk about the allrounders then hardik is in form of his lyf ryt now ,so his little cameo with the bat and bowl can make india’s chances more to win critical matches.

And the opensers they are just magnificent,everybody is focussing on gabbar as he is player of big tournaments .And i am sure he will score good for us in the whole tournament.The big man show ro- hit sharma brings the balance to kohlis team .As a player he have all the ability to stay long in the crease and hit big sixes at the end.

Virat is as usual in his prime form ,and i am expecting him to hit ateast five centuries in this world cup.

There is lat of talking about no.4 position but with the kl rahul hitting century in practice game has sealed the spot for at least two of the up coming matches .

Now its time to talk about thala the boss,Ya MS DHONI the player brings so much calm to the team and i will say a pressure soaker .who always delivers whatever the situation is.I am too happy that ryt now we are seeing the vintage dhoni who is scoring runa like a run machine…..

I am wishing team india best of luck…and please come with the cup..

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