Will Dhoni play in 2020 ICC T20 World Cup?

IN my opinion ,Dhoni should play the coming T20 world cup as Indian team need some mature player at no.5 or 6 who have the ability to finish the game ,and we all know that no one does it better than Dhoni.

Secondaly , Rishabh Pant might be the first choice wicketkeeper ,but on big games we need someone who can soak the pressure as a batsman as well as by good wicketkeeping in key moments of the match. Rishab pant is player in progress as a wicketkeeper as well as a batsman . India lost the t20 series against australia as dhoni was not there and rishabh pant dropped many catches at key moments.

Dhoni has not said anything about his retirement ,so he wants to play more for india . And i hope we will see him play the next t20 world cup.